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Bug#318923: utf-8 option for xterm does not work anymore

On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 08:22:10AM +0200, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> Thomas Dickey wrote:
> >The only relevant change I recall recently is
> >
> >Patch #201 - 2005/4/21 - XFree86 * modify  interaction
> >between  +u8 and locale resource to allow the command-line
> >option to override the resource (requested by Thomas Wolff).
> >
> >What value are you using to set xterm*VT100*utf8: ? and what
> >would be the value for the locale resource?
> It used to be enough to just set xterm*VT100*utf-8 without any
> further value. There is (now ?) according to the xterm man page
> also a "locale" resource; setting this to "true" makes no
> difference, nor calling from the command line "xterm -lc" or
> "xterm -u8". It remains necessary to do CTRL-RightClick and select 
> UTF8.

The locale resource has been there a couple of years (and can be set so that
you get the original behavior).

What happens if you set the locale resource to false?  (And are you ensuring
that there are no resource conflicts that override that).

"It used to be" is vague - one of the problems with the Debian package
is that I don't know offhand what version of xterm it corresponds to.

Thomas E. Dickey

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