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Re: Bug#268120: Adpot Windows conventions for producing International Characters

reassign 268120 xlibs
severity 268120 wishlist

Le jeudi 26 août 2004 à 00:32 -0700, David Wright a écrit :
> Could the default US xmodmap please define the same CTRL+ALT key
> combinations for creating international characters (i.e. high-bit
> Latin-1 glyphs) that Windows uses? (The xmodmap files for others locales
> could also follow the Windows conventions for those locales.)

What does it have to do with gnome-applets-data?

> I think this would make Linux just a bit more attractive to desktop
> users, who, when they ask "how do I make an u-umlaut / e-acent /
> n-tilde?", probably don't appreciate the answer "just go mess with your
> xmodmap file!"

I don't see the point here. Why making things so complicated when there
is a simple way to do it (Multi_key) ?
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