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Re: Preparing -8

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Well, no, the idea is simply that we take advantage of defoma if it is
> installed, since we can trust it to run fc-cache.  If it's not, we run
> fc-cache ourselves.
> This is not intended as a workaround.  If there's anything else defoma
> wants done with the fonts, it can do it.

ok. thanks for the explanation.

> >   * Implement IsolateDevice and SingleCard layout options for XF86Config, and
> >     -isolateDevice command-line flag for XFree86 X server.  Useful for
> >     multi-card setups where different X servers run on each card (thanks,
> >     Andreas Schuldei).  (Closes: #207543)
> >
> > This looks a bit dangerous to my eyes. I am not 100% happy to include it
> > but it for sure needs a more global roll out. I would say it goes in for
> > -8, but it will fly away at the first problem related to it and if Andreas
> > cannot fix it in a reasonable amount of time. (it would be the only
> > dangerous bit in this release)
> It looksed dangerous to me, but I'm not quite as nervous about it now
> that I've read the code.
> I agree that it should be the first thing to go if this release has
> weird problems in the X server/PCI department.


> People shouldn't run "/etc/init.d/$SCRIPT" anymore; they should use
> "invoke-rc.d $SCRIPT" instead.
> There have been many threads on -devel about this.

if they were inside flamewars than i didn't read it for sure ;)

> Some of the earlier stuff I committed does need to be re-reviewed to
> ensure that it is licensing-clean, and documented thus.
> just avoid XFree86 CVS commits after 2004-02-13 on general principle.
> Most changes that would be of interest us were submitted by external
> people to their Bugzilla, and/or are authored by people who don't mind
> using the traditional license.

I fully agree that we can simply avoid any commit after 2004-02-13 and we
can consider safe everything before, for this release. If the s**t hits
the fan we will revert the changes.. too bad but hey.., it's life.

> If you have any more questions or concerns about the pending changes,
> please let me know.  Otherwise, if I have addressed your questions
> satisfactorily, give me the green light and I'll do the merge onto
> branches/4.3.0/sid.

Apollo 13 this is Houston: you are ready to go!

> > >From the TODO list, the following fixes should be included/done for -8 in
> > order of priority:
> >
> > * #242865: remove (unused) sourceless binary exectables from source tree
> >
> > * #239991: Fix SEGV in xc/lib/X11/imDefIc.c:_XimRegisterKeyPressFilter().
> >
> > * #147898: xlibs: select() hangs in XDrawString16() when using TrueType with
> >
> > * #222804: xlibs: [xkb] proposed symbol mapping for Compaq Evo
> >
> > * #241034: xlibs: Meta not working and AltGr cancels Compose with
> >
> > and all of them have patches/fixes ready but included in trunk.
> *Not* included, right.
> Okay.  I will work on those items in that order of priority.



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