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Re: XFree86 4.3.0 and testing (was: when will the release release)

* Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (fabbione@fabbione.net) [040403 09:01]:
> Testing the bug fixes. This is extremely important at this point in time.
> Do not commit bug fixes without testing them. We are not in the position
> to ruin uploads with FTBFS. Always try to test on as many archs as you
> can. Of course there might be exceptions such as hardware restrictions
> (eg: i can't test this or that because i do not have that specific version
> of that card) but it must not be the normal case. You can still test that
> it does not break anything already working. I highly recommends to add
> information about the tests you have done to verify the bug fix whenever
> you can, especially when you cannot test directly on a specific setup. Eg.
> applied patch to fix ATI driver Y,Z but since we can't test on that
> specific hardware it has been verified that it doesn't break with other
> ATI cards.
> and so on.. common sense applies here in how you report and track these
> information.

As i see it X differs mostly from apache in this regard: it is a
bitch because of the hardware. i would like to see the
machinepark and logistics to be able to compile and test all the

Apart from that i think highly of a more coordinated and
team-spirited approach (think small-groups within debian - my
talk at debconf3). for this i noticed in the meantime that a
certain immediacy (more than mailinglists can provide, but irc
does) is necessary to let the teamspirit develop. Try to get
people not yet on irc but on the team to reconsider to hang
out on irc regularly.


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