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Bug#234903: xfree86: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation

Quoting Branden Robinson (branden@debian.org):

> Glad to hear it's more useful.  I took the liberty of adding a period to
> the end of the translated sentence, thus:

Right, you're correct.

> > Attached is the new fr.po file. I used this occasion for turning it to
> > the style we now use for the french templates (short descriptions for
> > string templates turned into "prompts").
> Okay.  Please note that it is more difficult than it should be to merge
> your changes because:
> 1) The message strings are not line-wrapped correctly;

Hmm, forgot to launch my magic script for this. Sorry.

> 2) Whatever tool you are using keeps adding the template field names and
>    types to comments above the msgids, even if the comments are already
>    there!

Goddam. This is a known upstream bug in poedit, which I'm maintainer
for. I discovered that one after uploading the new release which has
this bug...:-(. Then I downgraded to a earlier version, but forgot to
put the package on hold and a further dist-upgrade reupgraded it..:-(

Looks like I now have to clean up that mess...:-(

> 3) You reverted the changes I made to the fr.po file's comment header.

Hmmm, wil look at it.

> Unfortunately, I don't know what the recommended best practices
> (including tools) for translation updates are.  Perhaps you could ask
> Denis Barbier?

I do know these practice...:-)....but forgot to use them properly.

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