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Bug#233818: Bug#233867: "Provides: xlib6g" needed in 4.3.0

Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 12:00:05AM +0100, Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe wrote:
>> For me it is: well, there are some websites I have to
>> look at with netscape since mozilla doesnt display
>> them (same for the submitter, if I understand him right);
>> and I like xv :)
> If you really want netscape 4 and xv, they are available from their
> respective vendors, and can be installed directly on any GNU/Linux
> system (Debian or not) without any worries about the Debian packaging
> system, which they don't, by default, use.

On a sidenote: I would strongly recommend against using the latest
version of netscape packaged for Debian (4.77?) anyway, there are known
security issues with this one, you'd want to use at least 4.80.
                  cu andreas

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