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Bug#114625: xfree86-common: I'd like to see something happen here.

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 16:55, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> Package: xfree86-common
> Version: 4.2.1-12.1
> Severity: normal
> Followup-For: Bug #114625

I'm not sure I see the connection to this bug, but anyway...

> I'm not sure if this is still a problem with the HURD, but I know I have
> problems with /usr/X11R6.  There are 3 xservers that I can run with my
> radeon card DRI, GATOS, and XFree86.  I'd like to see /usr/X11R6 get moved
> to /usr/X11R6-xfree86 and have /usr/X11R6 be an alternative.  

What for? Each X server would look in the right place by default.

> This way it paves the road for /usr/X11R6-gatos and /usr/X11R6-dri.  

Had I wanted to use /usr/X11R6-dri, I'd simply have done it.
/usr/X11R6/lib/modules-dri-trunk serves the purpose quite well. It's
only an X server after all, not a whole /usr/X11R6 -like tree.

> dri is allready packaged, but it dosen't let you run xfree86.

What about /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86.nodri-trunk?

Maybe you really want an alternative for the X server? There's already
/etc/X11/X, but I'm not sure how that's (supposed to be) managed.

> This would mean that libGL and everything would need to be moved into
> /usr/X11R6-*, 

Why would you want several libGLs installed at the same time?

> /usr/X11R6-gatos even has it's own kernel mod.

I fail to see how kernel modules have anything to do with /usr/X11R6.

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