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the GCC -traditional-cpp bugs

OK.  I fixed a bug in gcc 3.4 and hope to backport it to the 3.3
branch soon; now directives *really* need to be in column 1 to be treated
as directives.  This fixes the main problem spotted in the sample at

The other difference is genuinely strange, since the 'expected' result is
produced by cpp-3.2, but not by cpp-2.95 (or 3.3, of course).  Accordingly,
I think this probably qualifies as a bug of some sort in the Xresources file;
either that, or the 'actual' output from cpp 3.3 is the correct one and the
'expected' output from cpp 3.2 is the wrong one.  Please help clarify.

That is this part:

--- Xresources.expected_output	2003-10-29 13:02:51.000000000 -0500
+++ Xresources.actual_output	2003-10-28 23:21:02.000000000 -0500
@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@

-xlogin*login.translations: #override
-	Ctrl<Key>R: abort-display()\n
-	<Key>F1: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n
-	<Key>Delete: delete-character()\n
-	<Key>Left: move-backward-character()\n 
-	<Key>Right: move-forward-character()\n
-	<Key>Home: move-to-begining()\n
-	<Key>End: move-to-end()\n 
-	Ctrl<Key>KP_Enter: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n 
-	<Key>KP_Enter: set-session-argument() finish-field()\n 
-	Ctrl<Key>Return: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n
+xlogin*login.translations: #override \
+	Ctrl<Key>R: abort-display()\n\
+	<Key>F1: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n\
+	<Key>Delete: delete-character()\n\
+	<Key>Left: move-backward-character()\n\
+	<Key>Right: move-forward-character()\n\
+	<Key>Home: move-to-begining()\n\
+	<Key>End: move-to-end()\n\
+	Ctrl<Key>KP_Enter: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n\
+	<Key>KP_Enter: set-session-argument() finish-field()\n\
+	Ctrl<Key>Return: set-session-argument(failsafe) finish-field()\n\
 	<Key>Return: set-session-argument() finish-field()

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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