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Re: How to install Xfree86 4.3.4 on debian?

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 16:34, jean-philippe Merienne wrote:
> I have a radeon IGP 340M graphic card on my laptop and the radeon driver 
> of Xfree86 dont work :(
> So for the moment I use vesa driver but I work with Opengl and I really 
> need radeon driver working.

Note that 3D support for IGP chips hasn't been integrated anywhere yet,
see http://bugs.xfree86.org/show_bug.cgi?id=314 .

> I know that the problem is resolve in the Xfree86 4.3.4

4.3.4 doesn't even exist.

> So how can I install Xfree86 4.3.4 with apt-get or dselect? is there 
> package available?

If you mean 4.3.0, there are packages in experimental, which may support
your chip for 2D.

> Or may I install RedHat or Mandrake that support Xfree86 4.3 ?

You may do whatever you please. :)

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Software libre enthusiast    |   http://svcs.affero.net/rm.php?r=daenzer

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