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[4.3.0-0pre1v4] Server crashes - repeatable

XEmacs 21, latest version from unstable, with gnuplot-mode; turn XEmacs
toolbars off from the options menu, turn balloon-help mode on (M-x
customize-apropos, balloon), but don't turn off the gnuplot toolbar;
leave it at it's default configuration.  Open a file and set it to
gnuplot-mode, then write in a command for gnuplot and highlight it.  Fly
the mouse pointer over the "region" toolbar button, and the X server
crashes, every time, right when the balloon-help window posts.  I am
using the latest sawfish from unstable also.

I do not know how to find the crash.  If you teach me how to do that I
will be able to provide more information in the future when things like
this occur.  How can I observe which program / library the crash occurs
in?  Any HOWTO out there I should know about or someone should write?

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