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Re: 4.3.0 wishlist item

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 00:37, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> Branden Robinson wrote:
> > [Thomas, are you subscribed to this list?]
> [Actually, no. I can hardly follow the lists I already am subscribed to, 
> but I read the archives once or twice a week.]
> > I heard the driver interface has changed in HEAD.  Does that break
> > binary compatibility only, or source compatibility as well?
> Speaking for the SiS driver only: Binary only.
> The ABI version number was changed because some code from the Xv part in 
> the drivers was moved to a common place (reducing the source size 
> ridiculously, IHMO). Otherwise there were no changes.

is that this change?

XFree86 (25 April 2003)
 128. Reduce cut&paste effects by adding more helpers to Xv
      (derived from #5645, Bj<F6>rn Augustsson, Marc La France).

In that case we should also be able to get from source the version of
the driver for the VIA CLE266 which was done a little bit earlier.

104. Add support for TV chipsets VT1621 and CH7005 to the trident driver
      (VIA, Alan Hourihane).
103. Add VIA CLE266 driver (Bugzilla #154, VIA/S3)

Could this driver be added as well to the 4.3 release in Debian?
If yes what are the time frame requirement to provide a patch?

BTW for those interested in the VIA video driver missing
functionalities, I would advice them to look at the VIA page listing the
linux video drivers for the board, look at the link supposed to point to
the new drivers (the file has been removed) and search on google for a
file with the same name...

If you want to discuss this further, contact me off list.


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