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Re: xserver-s3 stoped working?

On Mon, 26 May 2003 21:57:18 +1000, Daniel Stone <dstone@kde.org> wrote:

>                                                        I can't see why
> XFree86 would suddenly start failing, though - has xfree86-v3 even been
> updated at all lately?

  I hope that due to a buggy interaction with 4.2.1-6, and/or timing
issues or something similar. Other then the X server all my packages are
taken from testing. That is, the xserver-s3 is also taken from testing
but it is still the exact same package that is found in stable.
  In any case I do hope that my problem can be solved with a more
up to date software. I have now subscribed to devel@xfree86.org in a 
hope that I will eventually be able to patch and test the current X 
  Another comment is that I do hope that Debian will not drop support
for old hardware. I believe that some of the power of Linux in general
and X in particular is that it run on many platforms. By that I mean
not only many architectures but also old hardware that commercial
vendors stopped supporting.

    Shaul Karl, shaulka@bezeqint.n e t

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