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Re: xineramify_xscreensaver.diff?

[Not replying to JWZ since, despite accompanying it with bile, he did
respect my request for no further private mail.  I'll just address a
couple of points for the benefit of bystanders on debian-x.]

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 02:57:04PM -0700, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> What is your fascination with non sequitur bitching about trademarks and
> copyrights?  No, don't answer that, I don't care.

(People who want to examples of fascination with copyrights are advised
to use some of Mr. Zawinski's own software -- beyond that, I have no
comment here.)

> > I don't know why it wouldn't make sense.  X protocol extensions require
> > support on both the X client and X server side, or they cannot be used.
> The reason it doesn't make sense is that support for Xinerama had been
> added to both programs many, many years ago -- as evidenced by the fact
> that it works at all.  That changelog would have made plenty of sense in
> 1997, but not in 2003.

Mr. Zawinski is apparently unware of the fact that the Xinerama
extension was largely re-engineered by Mark Vojkovich.  The Xinerama of
1997 is not the Xinerama of 2003.  For instance, PanoramiXScreenRegion
is no longer used, and there are probably many other updates that should
be made to get the most out of XFree86's Xinerama extension.

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