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Re: xineramify_xscreensaver.diff?

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 02:01:27PM -0700, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> Branden Robinson wrote:
> > 
> > [There was no need to mail me privately about this; the debian-x mailing
> > list is a perfectly reasonable forum for such queries.]
> I'm not on the debian-x mailing list, nor was I even aware it existed;
> I saw your message on one of the billion Usenet mirrors that such
> announcements go to.
> Yours was, however, the only email address in the message I saw, so I
> didn't know who else to ask.

If you read the message through a mail->news gateway, please identify
which one to the debian-x mailing list, since it is obviously obscuring
the source of the message and possibly other important information as

> > It surprises me that you were apparently unaware that the string
> > "xscreensaver" refers to more than just your own software.
> I am very well aware of that, but the concept of "adding Xinerama
> support to the X server" didn't make any more sense to me than "adding
> Xinerama support to the xscreensaver client", so given two confusing
> statements, I assumed the latter was the one that was meant.

I don't know why it wouldn't make sense.  X protocol extensions require
support on both the X client and X server side, or they cannot be used.

As a more recent example, code based on Keith Packard's RENDER extension
consists of header files describing the protocol, a client-side library,
and patches to the KDrive and XFree86 X servers so that they can
understand and act on the protocol extension requests coming across the
wire from the client.

I feel certain that a man with as many years of experience writing X
clients as you have has no difficulty with these concepts.

So, it makes perfect sense to say "add Xinerama support to the X
server"; X servers without support for the Xinerama protocol extension
will not expose the features of that extension, and clients connecting
to that server will be unable to take advantage of them.

> > If that is true, you should probably also know that this determination
> > of name was not made by the Debian Project, but, I believe, by the X
> > Consortium a decade ago or more.
> FYI, the use of "xscreensaver" as the name of the client program
> predates its use as the name of a server extension by several years.

I'll take your word for it; I also assume that since you claim prior
awareness of the "MIT-SCREEN-SAVER"[1] extension, which has existed for
many years, that you're not asserting trademark protection in the term.

> > * When packages are actually part of the Debian distribution (whether
> >   the stable, testing, or unstable branches), their source code can be
> >   found via the query interface at:
> >     http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages
> So it is.  For what it's worth, I never would have found this by looking
> at debian.org.  In fact, I still can't guess where it might be linked to
> from your Site Map page.  Searching for "xscreensaver" doesn't find
> that, either.  

If you're having problems using the Debian website, I suggest clicking
on the link at the bottom of most pages -- including the one to which I
directed you -- which says "See the Debian contact page for information
on contacting us."  That links to: <http://www.debian.org/contact>,
which has a link "Problems with Debian infrastructure".

You would not be the first person to have recommendations for improving
the Debian website, so I urge you to make those recommendations to the
appropriate parties.

> Thank you for the clarification about the patch, needlessly snide though
> it was.  Not that I care, but what exactly did I do to warrant such an
> obnoxious response when I merely asked two very simple and direct
> questions?  Are you always like this, or am I on your shit list already?
> As far as I can recall, we've never spoken before, but maybe it made a
> bigger impression on you than on me.

We have in fact corresponded before, and you were about as tiresomely
dismissive then as now.  I have grown accustomed to the likelihood that
you ceaselessly search the web for mentions of your own name and waste
little time contacting those who utter it.  I could offer sincere
suggestions for more productive uses of your time, but no doubt they
would, as you note, leave a feeble impression on you.  I doubt that much
can compete with the reverence you feel when looking in the mirror.
(Feel free to interpret that last statement as obsequious flattery if
you like -- I suspect the intentions of the author have little impact on
your interpretations.)

In any case, this dialogue is fast becoming a waste of my own time, so
kindly refrain from mailing me privately again.  If you have further
questions about Debian's packaging of XFree86, the best address to use
is <debian-x@lists.debian.org>.

[1] at least, that's what "xdpyinfo" calls it on my XFree86 installation

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