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Bug#128435: Tests with rxvt-beta

I've just checked with rxvt-beta and rxvt (had some rxvt open, installed
rxvt-beta, run rxvt again), and the only way paste doesn't work is
copying and pasting from rxvt to rxvt. If you copy *from* rxvt-beta _or_ *to*
rxvt-beta, works fine. _Any_ combination with xclipboard in between works fine
too (even rxvt-xclipboard-rxvt).

   Perhaps it's a specific problem with cyrillic or something: the string I'm
testing with is "ññáéíótuitt" (copied from a rxvt-beta to a rxvt ;-) ), with:

$ env | egrep LC_

If it's a specific problem with cyrillic, sorry, I thought the problem was
common to all non-ASCII chars. If not, I can't reproduce it :-/

   One more thing, Branden: can you reproduce it with rxvt? Do you use rxvt,

   Anyway, sorry for closing the bug without waiting a little more :-(

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