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Re: Ralf's X backport compiled with the wrong g++

> Hi Ralf,
> the g++ libraries from your backport of the experimental packages of
> XFree86 4.3.0 you announed at [1] are compiled with g++ 2.95 although
> they must be compiled with g++ 3.2.

Nothing in woody should be compiled by 3.2.
Everything should be compiled by 2.95

> Much worse is that this will cause breakages if people use these broken
> packages together with packages from sarge/unstable or if they use other
> packages you backported together with correct future XFree86 4.3.0
> packages from sarge/unstable.

People who use mixed woody/{sarge,sid} systems without taking appropriate

Woody is g++ 2.95 based. So everything labeled "for woody" should be
compiled with 2.95 ABI. If someone wants to import something with 3.2 ABI
into his woody system, he must do that extremely careful and check all ABI
compatability issues manually.

> Package: xlibmesa4-glu

Maybe package in the backport should be renamed, to make it harder for 
people to break their systems.

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