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Re: ~/.xsession not read

Henning Moll wrote:

On Monday 17 March 2003 22:19, Matthijs Melchior wrote:
I think this is correct behaviour, systems like Kde and Gnome have their
own session manager to start anything you want....

Sure, but i want to start some applications in every case. How to deal with that situation?

Well...., cannot speak for kdm, but gdm has scripts for initializing the
display, initializing a session and shutting down a session.  However,
the init script doesn't have a user context and the session scripts do
not include a file from a user's directory.

You can modify them to do so, I presume.

For instance, I have extra commands in /etc/gdm/Init/Default to configure
my second mouse as a left handed beast and to map the scroll wheel on my
right mouse to buttons 4 and 5.

Or you could create a .gnomerc, a .kderc and a .xsession file and have
them all execute ~/.Xclients script....

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