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Bug#168794: synaptics touchpad driver not included upstream

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> Hello,
> First off: This driver is really great, while using the drivers
> from XFree86 the cursor jumped and button 4 and 5 did not work, with
> your driver everything just works. (Asus 2400D) Thanks.

Thanks for the update.

> Is there any reason why the driver is not included in XFree86? Aren't
> they accepting it or don't they want to include it.

Yes.  The reason it is not in XFree86 is that the driver itself is 
licensed under the GPL and not under the X11 license.  To date, I
have been unsuccessful in contacting many of the original authors 
to get them to relicense.  Without the relicensing, the code will 
have to be rewritten to be included into XFree86.  Something I want
to avoid if at all possible.

David Kennedy 

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