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Bug#185211: xutils: update-fonts-scale: No way to invoke to not ignore directories outside of /etc/X11/fonts, e.g., for AbiWord

On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 04:21:20PM -0600, Bradley W. Allen wrote:
> I am attempting to do the correct action with AbiWord.  Since AbiWord
> needs all sorts of font crap done to it (which is a mess), I started
> out to do it all.  Unfortunately, it says "edit fonts.scale and
> fonts.dir by hand for every directory and font ...", and there is NO
> WAY I AM GOING TO DO THAT for thousands of fonts I don't even know if
> I'm going to use all of; to fix that, it has to be automated.  This is
> a whole bunch of symlinks underneath /usr/share/AbiSuite/fonts.  This
> problem should be fixed in AbiWord, and in Debian's configuration of
> AbiWord, but in the meanwhile, there is purpose to use
> update-fonts-scale to update all those fonts.scale files that
> mkfontdir doesn't know how to deal with.  The arbitrary refusal of
> update-fonts-scale is obscene in this case, and not having an override
> option is abysmal.

I am downgrading this bug to wishlist because:

1) you're asking for update-fonts-scale to do something it wasn't
   intended to do (which is to support font packages for the X Window
   System that follow the Debian Policy Manual);
2) It should be pretty easy to write your own shell script that will do
   what you want, cribbing from u-f-s as needed.  If there's "NO WAY
   [YOU ARE] GOING TO DO" something by hand, it's time to write a

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