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XServer broken after upgrade (ATI Radeon 7500, Sony Vaio GR316MP)

Hi all!

I'm not subscribed to this list, so please send me a copy to

I got the following problem:

I'm running Debian unstable on a Sony Vaio GR316MP-Notebook.
I was able to set up XFree as delivered on unstable to work correctly
for the ATI Radeon 7500 and the Vaio's LCD with 1600x1200 pixels.
Last friday (8th of November), I upgraded via apt-get update / apt-get
upgrade and since then my XServer is broken, I only see diagonal
lines. Mouse seems still to work, also I'm able to login via gdm
(I see the colors of my gnome-desktop-wallpaper), but its all displayed
as those diagonal lines. I thought this would probably have to do
with horiz/vert refresh and I fixed that with no effect. Also, replacing
the XFree86Config with the original one didn't work around.
Have there been some changes in the X-server, especially the ATI
driver last week which can cause this? Can I revert to the older Version?
If yes, how can I do it?

Help would be very appreciated, I got stuck on work...

A lot of thanks in advance,

Pascal Mainini

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