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Re: Some annoying problems with ATi Radeon 7200!

Branden wrote:
I don't think it is the cable, since:
1) I used the original cable that came with my Iyama A902MT monitor, which is brand new 2) the problem only occurs in X, not in textmode or in Windows (sorry for that)

Those don't necessarily rule out signal degradation.

1) Iiyama may have given you a lousy cable;
2) Windows may not be cranking the signal as hard, and textmode almost
certainly isn't.

Ghosting is less of a problem at lower pixel clocks.  I don't know
enough about field effects and signal stuff to know exactly why, but
this has been my experience.

How can you explain then that the distortion only occurs when the X *cursor* is visible? There is no distortion in full-screen applications where the cursor is hidden! Also, when I run e.g. glxgears, I see the distortion always, except when the cursor is hidden when it is in a window that hides the cursor...!

Best regards,
Manuel Bilderbeek

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