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Re: Some annoying problems with ATi Radeon 7200!


Michel Dänzer wrote:
>>I'm running X at 1600x1200x32@85Hz. My XFree86-4 is config'ed with
>>debconf (except that I removed the Use FBdev stuff that is put there by
> I don't think it is unless you told it to.

I configed it more than one time and I can't remember that debconf asked
me about FBDev...

> http://dri.sourceforge.net/snapshots/README.Debian
> should be interesting for this. The driver performs much better now, and
> while there are still some problems, most of them can be avoided by
> setting certain environment variables.

How exactly should I build the drm package? I'd like to use
debian/rules, but I am not very familiar with this... Please tell me
what I should type.
Hmmm, OK, I installed kernel-package and read the README.modules. Then I
sudo make-kpkg modules_image
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i drm-trunk-module-2.4.19_10.00.Custom+2002.10.02-1_i386.deb

And it got installed.

However, I have serious problems with the dri packags:
I can't login anymore, there is a problem with my .xsession; from .xsession-errors:
Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Protocol not supported by server

xrdb: Can't open display ':0'

Should I set some permissions somewhere?

Also, my xdm login screen looks entirely different, but I guess that is normal... (It looks a lot more ugly, by the way... ;-)

>>Problem 3:
>>/etc/X11/XF86Config-4. I also tried to keep it in and load the radeonfb
>>module, but that gave some problems:
>>- the colors where all wrong in X
> What depth? radeonfb used to be broken in depth 16.

How can I tell what depth? I guess it took the default depth from the
XF86Config-4: 24 bpp.

>>- in textmode the 'image' was shifted to the left, off the monitor's
>>screen (without the fb it fits nicely)
> You can change the mode with fbset.


>>So, I hope I have described my problems clearly enough. I think I'd
>>better not put my config- and log files here, but in case you need them
>>to help me: please ask me! I will send you anything you need. :-)
> Could you put them up somewhere on the web?

OK, I put them here:


Best regards,
Manuel Bilderbeek

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