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Re: Neomagic 256AV with XV extensions

On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 01:45:55AM +0200, KTecH wrote:
> I wonder if the new neomagic driver from cvs could be included in this
> 4.2 debs. The 4.2 neomagic driver has no support for XV extensions and
> thus we cannot play videos. The videos are VERY slow more or less 1
> frame/second but if I put the neomagic.o from cvs (from mplayer web),
> I can even play DivX movies at almost full speed in my celeron 333 mhz
> laptop so i think this cvs code is very important for neomagic users.

My usual invitation:

Is someone willing to cook up a patch?  Preferably someone with a
NeoMagic card who can test it first.  Otherwise this will be a
low-priority item for me.

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