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please build XFree86 4.2.0-0pre1v3

[Please reply to debian-x.]

Hi folks,

ARM hasn't built my experimental X 4.2.0 packages since 0pre1v1, and s390
and little-endian MIPS never have.

If possible, could someone perform builds of 0pre1v3 for these

Static X server builds (i.e., -DDoLoadableServer=NO) are currently
broken on m68k and SPARC, but all other woody architectures seem fine,
which means we're rolling towards 4.2.0-1.

I'd like to know if ARM or s390 will have any problems or not, and get
their MANIFEST files up-to-date before releasing 4.2.0-1.

Please send me an ACK or a NAK so I can proceed with better

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