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Re: # Re: Gatos deb's (was: Re: xfree86 4.2.0-0pre1v3 (source,i386)available at the X Strike Force)

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 03:46, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 04:27, Scott Henson wrote:
> > > GATOS doesn't do 2D acceleration AFAIK, don't you mean 3D anyway?
> > > 
> > > Either way, try
> > > 
> > > deb	http://penguinppc.org/~daenzer/debian/dri-trunk/	./
> > 
> > I upgraded recently to these deb on my radeon 7000 system.  Now after
> > upgrade XF86 no longer comes up automatically
> You mean with a display manager? Beware that these debs are missing the
> XdmAuth code which xdm and others use by default; at least xdm can be
> set up to work without it though.

Makes sense.  Im the only one using the machine so not a big problem.
> > and I cannot start it with startx as a normal user, though root can.
> > xinit does bring up XF86 though. When using startx the x server fails
> > silently with out any errors or warnings.  I also cannot find a
> > difference in the log files between startx as a normal user and startx
> > as root.
> Weird. I haven't had any problems like that so without more information
> I can't really do anything.

What information do you need?  When I type startx as a normal user the
xserver looks like its going to start up then just dies with the only
message on the screen being that It is waiting for X to die.  Then when
I startx as root the server comes up and everything works properly,
except for the fact that KDE freezes and the xserver has to be killed. 
Root seems to have KDE setup as its default environment(probably because
Im using KDM) and I have gnome-session setup as mine.  I diffed the
XFree86.0.log s from each time and I did not get any difference except
the header line which contained the time.  I can use xinit to start the
xserver as the normal user then start a gnome-session from the xterm. 
Then everything seems to work just fine.
> > I also have noticed a slow down in the system as a whole.
> Can you be more specific? At least the operation of the X server should
> definitely become faster or in the worst case stay the same...

I thought this as well, but the system operation as a whole is much
slower than with the old xfree86 debs.  There is more memory usage(main
memory not the card's memory) as well as programs taking forever to
start.  Before I could expect things like galeon to come up in less than
5 seconds but now it is taking as much as 20 seconds.  I dont know if
this is directly related to the xserver, but it wasnt happening till
after I instaled it.  Though the lines that appeared after windows while
dragging them have significantly diminished as well as a few other
annoyances with the old xserver.  Is there anyway I can tell for sure if
Im using hardware acceleration? A way to turn it on if Im not?

> > Maybe someone could tell me how to simply remove these debs and replace
> > them with Branden's(which work wonderfully without any problems on this
> > system).
> sudo apt-get remove xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk xlibmesa3+

This was the first thing I tried, but it wants to remove about 80 other
packages that Im guessing depend on having an xserver installed.  I
still do have Branden's debs installed, but it still wants to remove a
bunch of packages.  I still would like to get hardware acceleration
working, but is there anyway to switch between the two?  Like using
update alternatives to point to Branden's xserver and switch it to
accelerated xserver when I want the hardware acceleration?  Thanks.

-Peace kid
  Scott Henson	shenson2@wvu.edu

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