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Setting up an X terminal: have to install tons of unneeded packages


I wanted to set up an X terminal (old Pentium 100) that will connect to 
remote xdm, and use remote xfs. I thought that the only X packages I need 
for the terminal are xfree86-common, xserver-common and xserver-xfree86.

But I wanted to configure the X terminal keyboard using xkb (as I usually 
do on workstation). To do so, /etc/X11/xkb/* files are needed.
But those are in xlibs package, and xkbcomp program (used by X server on 
startup to compile xkb keymap) is in xbase-clients package. And 
xbase-clients depends on 5 more packages (including huge xlibmesa3). All 
those are completely uneeded on an X terminal that never should run any 
local apps.

Maybe /etc/X11/xkb stuff should be moved to xserver-common or 

Yes I know it is possible to setup X terminal keyboard by running xkbcomp 
from Xsetup on server side, but I believe it is ugly.

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