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Re: missing config files & fonts *FIXED*

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Dave Eidson wrote:

> Regarding the missing fixed font, it appears that update-fonts-alias
> isn't working correctly.  When run, it creates a file named
> fonts.alias.update-new in the specified font dir that contains only
> the "DO NOT EDIT" messages... no alias info is created.  How can I get
> around this?

Well, I managed to get it working.  No real idea what the real problem
is/was, but for anyone interested, here's what I did.
Originally, used dselect and installed x-window-system meta package,
seemed to install fine, no errors at all.  But there were problems
with the font aliases, and /etc/X11 contained nothing but the expected
subdirectories and and XF86Config-4 file.  Manually creating the alias
file got me past the "missing fixed font" issue, but more problems popped
up due to not having the needed files in /etc/X11 (Xsession, Xservers,
rgb.txt etc). Using dselect to remove all the X packages, rebooting, and
reinstalling X gave the same results.  Utimately, after reinstalling for
the 43rd time (everybody always exaggerates), I manually went through and
did a dpkg --purge on each X package installed, following the required
dependancies, until X was no more.  Then, did the same thing I had
done originally, dselect, install x-window-system, and bingo!  4.1
came up and flew like an eagle.  Added the necessary apt lines and
proceeded to upgrade to 4.2 with no problems whatsoever.  X is working
like a charm.  I have no idea what the gremlin was that was behind all
of this. I would have bet there was a problem with one of the packages.
But obviously that wasn't the case.  Not sure I understand it, but I shant
question it.  Perhaps this bit of trivia will help someone else along.

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