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Re: .Xdefaults seems broken

On Sun, Aug 04, 2002 at 12:59:59AM -0700, J. Imlay wrote:
> I am running a fresh install with 4.2 (but it was doing this with 4.1) and
> when I start an xterm it completly ignores my .Xdefaults file.

$ man Xsession

              contains X resources specific to the  invoking  user's  environ-
              ment.   The  settings  are  loaded  with xrdb -merge.  Note that
              $HOME/.Xdefaults is a relic from X Version 10 (and X11R1)  days,
              before  app-defaults files were implemented.  It has been depre-
              cated for over ten years at the time  of  this  writing.   .Xre-
              sources should be used instead.

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