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Radeon VE -dualhead


I'm using a dell box with a radeon VE, it has 1 dvi out that goes into a
y with 2 vga outs connected to two monitors, I have setup my Xconfig to do
the dualhead and I have xinerama working, but only the main monitor is
ever on. The other monitor never turns on, but the desktop is definitly
extended onto it. xwininfo -root says the desktop is 3200x1200 and the
/var/log/XFree86.log has the output and proper mode liens for both
monitors and it detects everything about them both right. Showing the
stat's for the first monitor under the RADEON(0) lines and the second
under RADEON(1) lines.

What I have figured out so far from reading posts on xpert and google
lists, is that I think I might need to turn on the second DAC, but I have
no clue how to do this, what I got from xpert wasn't exactly
comprehensible to me.

And I found some mentioning of a patch in CVS for this but it didn't look
like a good patch because some one replied saying it wasn't necesary (I

So does anyone have any advice or ideas? Would doing a make world on X CVS
possibly fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Josie Imlay -- (I'm not on this list anymore, so please keep me in the

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