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Radeon 8500 issues w/ 4.2-prev1

I have tried several different setups with this, the 2D acceleration
driver that comes stock works except that xvideo puts a black layer on top
of the picture. (If I move the window fast, the movie will start to slide
out from under the black window on top of it.) I can fix this by first
playing something with xvidix (which requires root) and then after that
xvideo will work a couple of times. I think this is the X ati driver and
not the debs, but just stating that it doesn't all work for me here.

Then I downloaded the fglr200 drivers from ati and everything works
(including quake @ 1600x1200 nicely) except video at all. The only output
mode that works is X11. I realize this probably has nothing to do with
the X 4.2debs because the driver I am actually using is from ati. (other
problem is that I can't get it to go at 16bit color, only 24) Any

(The other was AccelX and bleh!)


Josie Imlay

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