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Re: [ati/r128] stability problems 4.2.0-0pre1v1

> I am running a Dell latitude C600 with the ATI Rage mobility chipset
> which was working well with hardware acceleration (GLcore, dri, glx)
> under the Debian 4.1 sid packages.
> Upgrading to the pre-release 4.2 packages doesn't work well with all
> sorts of screen instability.. and the occasional reboot.. I get a lot of
> pixels jumping around the screen, sometimes images from within a web
> browser also appear in the top right corner of the display and the like..

hrm, i'm typing this on a C600... it took a little tweaking but seems to
work quite well, whereas 4.1 did not work for me at all (corrupted
display, hangs the box completely, etc).

i haven't really tried dri, but glxinfo does report that it's detected.
my c600 only has 8MB of video memory, so it doesn't support the max
resolution of 1400x1200. If you use 1280x1024 then it does get 
enabled, but fonts look a little funny on that resolution (on
windows too....)

I've put my config and log at http://people.debian.org/~tausq/

YMMV, of course ...


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