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Re: icewm-experimental no mailbox in toolbar

#include <hallo.h>
Dan Jacobson wrote on Sat Jun 15, 2002 um 06:03:43AM:
> In icewm-experimental the little mailbox doesn't show up in the
> toolbar.  I bet .xsession-errors
> IceWM: Warning: ypixbuf.cc:1025: Failed to copy drawable 0xc001f4 to pixel buffer
> is related.  What shall I do? TaskBarShowMailboxStatus=1 isn't good

Try to reproduce on other machine and file a bug against

> Also what is icewm-experimental's relation to icewm?  Is icewm dead
> (no longer under development) and icewm-experimental alive, that being
> the difference?

What about reading the fscking package description?

> AK-Mail benötigt ein installiertes PGP, mutt ein installiertes PGP
Na und? mutt braucht sogar noch einen installierten Editor ;-)
(Thomas Köhler in dcs)

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