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Re: patches reviewing -- Road to xfree86 4.2.0

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 08:46:28PM +0900, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi wrote:
>  I know you did a lot of the patch merging. But I don't know
> detail of merging which peace of the patches ware merged into
> upstream and which one is not.

Thanks a lot for your work, ISHIKAWA-san.

I've finished the patch merging and gotten everything synced up and
applying cleanly (no fuzz, no offsets).

Thanks to your efforts, xfree86 4.2.0-0pre1v1 only required several more
hours of labor to prepare (as opposed to days).

>  OK, so I'll check what packages will require libXIE or libPEX5.

I don't think any still do.  If they do, that's their problem, and I'll
wait to hear from them.

> >> >  libfontenc.a
> >>
> >> Is this the long-awaited "recode-on-the-fly" font library?
>  No, it is common font encoding conversion layer called
> `fontenc layer' library. It is separated from libXfont.

Hmm.  Could it be used to support on-the-fly font transcoding?  Is it
just that the work hasn't been done yet?

>  I do and don't think so. I think i18n modules are not buggy but
> Xlib's module dynamic loading is buggy. I18n related problems have
> occurred as a result.
>  Most important bug is Dynamic loading module will unload if it is
> still used. So, some X client (e.g xcin) will crash. xcin is XIM
> input server, so if some clients connected it, these clients will
> also crash....
>  These discuss on both Xpert and i18n lists of XFree86 in
> Jan 2002 (subject is "4.2 is not compatiable with 4.1 ?").
> Owen Taylor posted a patch to resolve this problem in the thread.
>  http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/i18n/2002-January/002927.html
>  This patch was already merged into upstream CVS head (and -0b2's
> 000_stolen_from_HEAD.diff contains this).
>     - 157. Add some reference counting for Xlib's i18n modules,
>       preventing a module getting unloaded while it's still in use
>      (#5160, Owen Taylor).
>  And another problem, zh_CN support is broken, because
> zh_CN/XI18N_OBJS file is missing (installed as zh/XI18N_OBJS,
> it is wrong place).XI18N_OBJS is control file about which dynamic
> module should load for the locale. It is also fixed in CVS.
>     - 159. Add missing zh_CN XI18N_OBJS file (#5164, Yong Li).
>  These are very important fix related i18n, I think.

Thanks very much for this information.  Maybe I should subscribe to the
XFree86 i18n list!

Thanks again for your hard work.

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