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patches reviewing -- Road to xfree86 4.2.0


 I wish to some kinds of help for transition to xfree86 4.2.0 after
woody release.  I've started `patch reviewing (and test build)' to
transition from xfree86_4.1.0 to xfree86_4.2.0.

 I think that xfree86_4.2.0 to merge into woody at this timing
is very bad idea. I compleatly agree Branden Robinson at this point.

 Yes, we should focus to ``RELEASE Debian GNU/Linux 3.0'' :-)

 But changes between xfree86 4.1.0 and 4.2.0 are very very big,
so starting some kinds of work for transition to xfree86 4.2.0
at this timing is good idea, I think.

 I've done reviewing all of the patches included in xfree86_4.1.0,
and generate test .deb package, these are first conclusion (and
some Question to Branden Robinson):

About xfree86_4.2.0.orig.tar.gz

  XFree86 4.2.0 is now include TTF version of B&H font, but the
 license is DFSG non-free, I think. So B&H .ttf fonts are dropped
 from .orig.tar.gz (likes some Type1 fonts)

  Is this OK?


 These patches are merged into upstream 4.2.0-branch.

  #009, #013, #016, #021, #022, #026, #028, #029, #034,
  #035, #037, #038, #047, #049, #053. #250, #301, #302,
  #303, #308, #309, #350

  These patches are already merged into upstream.

   #001, #002, #003, #011, #030, #032, #039, #045, #056,
   #058, #061, #063, #065, #068, #070, #100, #311, #400,
   #801, #908

  These are needed some kind of cleanup to apply.


  xc/util/patch was dropped from upstream source tar ball,
  so this patch is needed.

PEX5 and XIE was obsoleted:

  libPEX5, libXIE and related header files, PEX5 fonts,
  Xserver modules for PEX5/XIE  will be dropped from
  xlibs, xlibs-dev and xlibs-dbg, xserver-xfree86.
  xfonts-pex package will be dropped.

    We should provide the package include only 
    libPEX5.so.* and libXIE.so.* (e.g. xlibs-obsoletes)
    for very old programs?

New libraries are added:


   These will build as shared library in the default setting.
   Is this OK?


New programs are added:

 and related manuals.

   What package should contains these?

 First test build packages and sources are able to download from
the URL bellow:





 These are **NOT** apt ready. Because these are TEST builds,
not for use. If you understand what these are, please download,
test and comment :-)

 *** DON'T ASK ABOUT THESE PACKAGES to Branden Robinson ***


 I wish to discuss about these on this list.

 - More cleanup patches
 - Test on non i386 architectures
    already started to build on alpha, powerpc, m68k sparc, hppa
    (I have these architecture machines)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 00:25:02 +0900
Source: xfree86
Binary: xserver-common xlibs-dev xfs xfree86-common x-window-system xlibmesa-dev xspecs xlibmesa3 xfonts-cyrillic xlibmesa3-dbg xserver-xfree86 xlibs-dbg libxaw6 libxaw7 xterm xvfb xfonts-scalable xfonts-75dpi xlib6g proxymngr libxaw6-dev xlibs-pic libdps1-dbg xlib6g-dev xfonts-base xutils libxaw7-dev xnest xlibs libxaw6-dbg xmh lbxproxy libxaw7-dbg xfonts-base-transcoded xbase-clients xprt xlibosmesa3 x-window-system-core xlibosmesa-dev twm xfwp xfonts-100dpi-transcoded xlibosmesa3-dbg xfonts-100dpi xdm libdps-dev xfonts-75dpi-transcoded libdps1
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 4.2.0-0b1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
Changed-By: ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>
 lbxproxy   - Low Bandwidth X (LBX) proxy server
 libdps-dev - Display PostScript (DPS) client library development files
 libdps1    - Display PostScript (DPS) client library
 libdps1-dbg - Display PostScript (DPS) client library (unstripped)
 libxaw6    - X Athena widget set library (version 6)
 libxaw6-dbg - X Athena widget set library (version 6) (unstripped)
 libxaw6-dev - X Athena widget set library development files (version 6)
 libxaw7    - X Athena widget set library
 libxaw7-dbg - X Athena widget set library (unstripped)
 libxaw7-dev - X Athena widget set library development files
 proxymngr  - X proxy services manager
 twm        - Tab window manager
 x-window-system - X Window System
 x-window-system-core - X Window System core components
 xbase-clients - miscellaneous X clients
 xdm        - X display manager
 xfonts-100dpi - 100 dpi fonts for X
 xfonts-100dpi-transcoded - 100 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
 xfonts-75dpi - 75 dpi fonts for X
 xfonts-75dpi-transcoded - 75 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
 xfonts-base - standard fonts for X
 xfonts-base-transcoded - standard fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
 xfonts-cyrillic - Cyrillic fonts for X
 xfonts-scalable - scalable fonts for X
 xfree86-common - X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
 xfs        - X font server
 xfwp       - X firewall proxy server
 xlib6g     - pseudopackage providing X libraries
 xlib6g-dev - pseudopackage providing X library development files
 xlibmesa-dev - XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library development files
 xlibmesa3  - XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
 xlibmesa3-dbg - XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library (unstripped)
 xlibosmesa-dev - Mesa/XFree86 off-screen rendering library development files
 xlibosmesa3 - Mesa/XFree86 off-screen rendering library
 xlibosmesa3-dbg - Mesa/XFree86 off-screen rendering library (unstripped)
 xlibs      - X Window System client libraries
 xlibs-dbg  - X Window System client libraries (unstripped)
 xlibs-dev  - X Window System client library development files
 xlibs-pic  - X Window System client extension library PIC archives
 xmh        - X interface to the MH mail system
 xnest      - nested X server
 xprt       - X print server
 xserver-common - files and utilities common to all X servers
 xserver-xfree86 - the XFree86 X server
 xspecs     - X protocol, extension, and library technical specifications
 xterm      - X terminal emulator
 xutils     - X Window System utility programs
 xvfb       - virtual framebuffer X server
 xfree86 (4.2.0-0b1) unstable; urgency=low
   * unofficial XFree86 4.2.0 package for sid
   * DON'T ASK TO Branden Robinson ABOUT THIS PACKAGE,
     *** THIS IS UNOFFICIAL !!! ***
   * -0b1 test on i386 architecture only,
     please wait next release for other architectures
   * orig.tar.gz
     remove non-free fonts (TTF B&H fonts and Type1 B&H, courie, UT)
   * patch #000_post: update to 4.2.0-branch-2002-06-09
   * patch #000_stolen_from_HEAD*:
     These patches are already merged into upstream
     4.2.0-branch, so dropped
   * patch #001, #002, #003, #011, #030, #032, #039, #045, #056,
     #058, #061, #063, #065, #068, #070, #100, #311, #400, #801,
     cleanup to adapt 4.2.0-branch (original patches are copied into
   * patch #009, #013, #016, #021, #022, #026, #028, #029, #034,
     #035, #037, #038, #047, #049, #053. #250, #301, #302, #303,
     #308, #309, #350:
     already merged into upstream (these patches are moved into
   * patch #023:
     upstream tree drops xc/util/patch, so this patch is not needed.
     (moved into debian/old-patches/dropped)
   * patch #071:
     New patch for X-TT segv fix from Xpert ML (please read the patch
     for detail)
   * debian/xfonts-base.files:
     add some encoding files into xfonts-base.files
   * debian/xlibs.files*
     - drop libPEX5 and libXIE (these are obsoleted in upstream)
     - add various xkb files
     - add libXTraps.so.1.0
     - add libXrandr.so.6.0
     - update libXrender.so.1.0 -> libXrender.so.1.1
   * debian/xlibs.conffiles
     - add various xkb files
   * debian/xlibs-dev.files*
     - drop libPEX5, libXIE and related headers file
       (these are obsoleted in upstream)
     - add libXvMC.a
     - add libXTrap.a
     - add libfontenc.a
   * debian/xlibs-dbg.debugfiles*
     - drop libPEX5 and libXIE (these are obsoleted in upstream)
     - add various xkb files
     - add libXTraps.so.1.0
     - update libXrender.so.1.0 -> libXrender.so.1.1
   * debian/xterm.files:
     - add luit and luit.1x
   * debian/xbase-client.files:
     - add xtrap* and manpages
     - add xrandr and manpage
   * drop xfonts-pex package
   * debian/xlibs.shlibs
     - add libXTrap 6 (>> 4.2.0)
     - add libXrandr 6 (>> 4.2.0)
   * debian/shlibs.local
     - add libXTrap 6 xlibs (>> 4.2.0)
     - add libXrandr 6 xlibs (>> 4.2.0)
 4ee372693db9ceb3c02e3d7c427a9760 1490 x11 optional xfree86_4.2.0-0b1.dsc
 b4d373b6c453dd9d36b0d146cbddfb77 56267188 x11 optional xfree86_4.2.0.orig.tar.gz
 c8539a5e37913826db6eff7e5f01c6db 1954580 x11 optional xfree86_4.2.0-0b1.diff.gz
 d37e46b458eff6dd478ba1404d33b1c0 132596 x11 optional lbxproxy_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 24693709b964ff4237de1efef7f2440e 168596 libs optional libdps1_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 857cc8976266a9999e412607816caa38 409922 devel extra libdps1-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 8136389fd4e0a28a16ab9d3938c56115 230030 devel optional libdps-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 035c5df7c00f96723f994f001a863b4f 166890 libs optional libxaw6_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 f7fec7a74328ed511fd7a07cfbfc6c22 335608 devel extra libxaw6-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 075455a44635a771da2aa6b60efffa99 293636 devel extra libxaw6-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 5f520a3623ccfe80cc83b86d93487f63 213738 libs optional libxaw7_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 84eaf3ae7670ccaa75252460fe3c92f6 435460 devel extra libxaw7-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 ec762318fef4500fea21e65087895309 293526 devel optional libxaw7-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 fdfe0fc2159c88e1fbdfb457eac912f8 76698 x11 optional proxymngr_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 e5531c3cc1ea3b3b81e42f6421491dec 151976 x11 optional twm_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 bf73b62dc03b38761ab5086f120046b0 1570006 x11 optional xbase-clients_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 6828da9f1cbea49063b2a1d4b51d92ff 171250 x11 optional xdm_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 4d671b9054e9e83b0aa47e4101e75be1 277304 x11 optional xfs_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 65a873603d4286aad531cf4e45e00328 81124 x11 optional xfwp_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 78a813014195300aad6af0b1ceacb175 3847838 libs optional xlibmesa3_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 50639344a21df6b23e6b108b76e95a90 863076 devel extra xlibmesa3-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 eeee5d63eb991cc76731d09e89a4fd85 829776 devel optional xlibmesa-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 421bff2b2f8a4211490cf81a5fd668fe 466378 libs optional xlibosmesa3_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 f7fc2e15138e0eb116d621e7467a2f65 975544 devel extra xlibosmesa3-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 f3a27333c205408c287e4521097a51b1 526116 devel optional xlibosmesa-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 aab10cf3a1372f4aab80a41b6de4d5c6 1199652 libs optional xlibs_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 41845eb3b91aabd4985d4a0746c8fa5c 2218474 devel extra xlibs-dbg_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 5b89861829367e3af3f26b1355561f65 2590412 devel optional xlibs-dev_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 343a42c51a09d166ef238cb0e83f2349 73474 devel optional xlibs-pic_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 c7f1d98cacd51803c3ec5060cddf8d29 124684 mail extra xmh_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 7ab3984f8ccdd6fa3cbbf419086b2a0f 1097288 x11 optional xnest_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 0ed4b94f31da663cccb4a8c0f68bad85 830098 x11 optional xprt_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 9071a51c58711fcc26a7d9bf910d7435 219998 x11 optional xserver-common_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 7c322814b08f022538a5a64c43c95add 4037734 x11 optional xserver-xfree86_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 f8ccd6822721b05ea0c78e842c3237b8 535700 x11 optional xterm_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 67b78aa90c80fb0dfb9e863b00877f03 616448 x11 optional xutils_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 5d5af8d06e7123d95d3ebe11446a006b 1206842 x11 optional xvfb_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 22cb48206396217aee106b1b28af9bad 60528 x11 optional x-window-system-core_4.2.0-0b1_i386.deb
 bd5cbb7a882d22585decbc44fc8be39c 4258974 x11 optional xfonts-100dpi_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 f36d32a54c1e2f4a8a72980f85f3d377 8089874 x11 optional xfonts-100dpi-transcoded_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 18ceed19a16ce973861530a2961b51cc 3736724 x11 optional xfonts-75dpi_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 b4e50b27c506225870e7dd236a71cc84 6966804 x11 optional xfonts-75dpi-transcoded_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 12e10815850b4d406c05cf737c215d5c 5013608 x11 optional xfonts-base_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 ede590b32317dd920890c9edfd0b5538 1099912 x11 optional xfonts-base-transcoded_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 4fd0c0c8229ba94b2b1e0a7bf7e92539 432198 x11 optional xfonts-cyrillic_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 47bffbadcc10e1a5db51e0e16b29164c 796356 x11 optional xfonts-scalable_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 b06efcd3593d66d2e9baf3cc937a7fca 571066 x11 optional xfree86-common_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 5939a3b9afa99885013ae5d6def9cf27 4468132 x11 optional xspecs_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 852d66c8cd3f6d006f65ddd078edb2e7 60518 libs optional xlib6g_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 2a13cbb167e3f2f827baccf63b893c0a 60320 devel optional xlib6g-dev_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb
 f7630960c01973e33c28716c8dfa847a 60356 x11 optional x-window-system_4.2.0-0b1_all.deb

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