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Re: Default X background.

On 28 Apr 2002, Pedro Corte-Real wrote:

>Date: 28 Apr 2002 22:22:31 +0100
>From: Pedro Corte-Real <typo@netcabo.pt>
>To: debian-x@lists.debian.org
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>Subject: Default X background.
>X uses by default (and tradition I supose) that grey/white pattern for
>it's background. A pattern that always shows Moire artifacts on CRT
>displays. Is there a way to change this to complete black for example?
>If so couldn't this be the default? I know I can run "xsetroot" or
>equivalent and change it afterwards but It'd rather not have to see the
>thing at all. 
>It's a minor issue, sorry for taking your time.

Here's a patch to make it black:



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