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Re: Testing/mesademos

On Sat, Apr 07, 2001 at 10:26:13AM +0200, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> >> Jon Pennington <dren@whack.org> writes:
>  > Absolutely!  This is what I meant to say.
>  Oh, sorry, I missunderstood.

It looked that way :)
>  > Shipping the mesademos package in binary form does not make any
>  > sense.  There are too many libGL implementations floating around for
>  > that.
>  Actually, this is a tempting reason to ship them as binaries.  The
>  program *can not* fail with "undefined symbol foobar".  If it does,
>  either the program is badly broken or the OpenGL implementation used to
>  compile it is even more broken.  But no, I'm not going to do this for
>  this reason.

Like Zeph said, though, the packages are most useful in source *because* you can use different libGL implementations to compile them.  As I understand it (and I'm probably wrong), libGL implementations vary in the DRI project from one family of drivers to the next.  Shipping binaries simply isn't a good idea the way I see it.  (I smoke a lot of crack, though, so don't quote me)
>  > Why compress them at all?
>  Policy.  I would install the files on
>  /usr/shared/doc/mesademos/examples, which makes them documentation,
>  which falls under this:
>       Any additional documentation that comes with the package may be
>       installed at the discretion of the package maintainer.  Text
>       documentation should be installed in a directory
>       `/usr/share/doc/<package>', where <package> is the name of the
>       package, and compressed with `gzip -9' unless it is small.  

I see.  Have you considered a better place for this to go?  What about converting it from a Documentation class package to something that would fit under /usr/share/mesademos or similar?

<I'm going to contradict myself here>
What about going ahead and shipping them as a binary that *would* fit under /usr/bin or similar; going on and compiling them against the standard shipping Mesa package.  This would mean that people using alternate libGLs would have to become familiar with dpkg-buildpkg (actually, I usually just use `apt-get source -b packagename'), but that may be a smaller price to pay in the long run.

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