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Short inquiry: Xaw packages

On my X workstation, there are currently 3 Xaw packages installed for
a small selection of Athena apps (all from Debian): libxaw6, libxaw7,
and xaw3dg. Oh yeah, and xaw-wrappers. The dependencies seem to be a
huge mess: most old X packages depend indirectly on libxaw6, the more
recently compiled ones depend on libxaw7, and a few (gv and xawtv)
depend on xaw3dg. Are these all API compatible (XFree86 extensions
excepted)? Which one should Xaw applications depend on? Should bugs be
filed on those that depend on the wrong one? A dependency on xaw3dg
looks fishy to me, since the xaw3dg description claims it changes the
appearance of applications dynamically linked against libXaw.

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