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Re: Major texturing bugs in G400 DRI driver

It seems that the problem in the G400 texturing bug is fixed in the current
CVS version of XFree 4 DRI.  I went and downloaded the CVS source tree last
night (modems have enough bandwidth when you're not sitting there waiting
:) and built the server myself... it seems that there's a bug in the
relatively-new fullscreen functions in the MGA driver, however; in order to
get direct rendering to work at all (rather than libGL getting 'unresolved
symbol' errors), I had to comment out the XF86DRICloseFullScreen and
XF86DRIOpenFullScreen bits in xc/lib/GL/mesa/dri/dri_mesa.c (for some
reason, mga_dri.o isn't exporting those symbols).

Stencils are still broken, but that was to be expected.  At least textures
work again.  They still don't respond to glTexEnv* though (changing the
filters has no effect for example), but that's a relatively minor issue in
the grand scheme of things.

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