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Re: the continuing adventures of XFree86 4.0.1

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 04:11:57PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Please wait until you see source for 10pre11v2.  There's no point wasting
> your time building v1 since I'm committing some fairly important bug fixes.
Its running already... no problem. When will the new source be out? I am
kind of "away", today is officially my last day at the university...
> > One problem I see right now, I have no libgl1?
> Hrm.  I guess the Mesa build crashed?
No, right, installed mesa (from that build) and everything was fine.

> > I have no PCI bus, I don't see PCI mentioned in the config file, is there a
> > way to stop loading that?
> Bummer.  This is probably an upstream bug.  Is there such a thing as an
> m68k box with a PCI bus?
Not sure, there might be, maybe some macs? There is supposed to be some new
add-on hardware for Amigas which give you PCI slots, but I think none of the
"mainstream" m68k machines have PCI.

I moved away that module, guess what happens? X crashed, because it does not
find that module... so it seems pci must be fixed for m68k.

For the debian-68k people, I've put the debs on:
maybe somebody has more luck running these, maybe they are a starting point
for further patches to X for somebody. (note: you will need some packages
from woody/binary-all to get these installed, you will find out which. It
should work on a potato box, thats what I used for compiling/testing).


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