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X ate my console too.


I have the same problem exactly, and ever since I tried the very first
releases of Xfree4. I have no idea where the cause is, but it is 
annoying to not see what you're writing :-)


Roland Mas <mas@echo.fr> said: 

>   Hi all,
>   Encouraged by the transition from phase1 to phase2, I decided to
> switch to Xfree86 4.0.1.  Okay, so I twitched my sources.list file,
> and here goes.
>   My hardware is this: video card is a Riva TNT2 with 32 Mb RAM,
> monitor is a Dell P991 (19", good stuff), PS/2 mouse, French 105-key
> keyboard.
>   Now there is one little problem: suppose I freshly booted.  Now
> suppose I want to launch X.  I type 'startx', but that command
> apparently tries to launch the previous version of X (3.3.6).
> Strange, the startx script isn't owned by any package...  Should that
> be considered to be a problem?
>   Other problem (bigger): once I find that I have to run XFree86, do
> some stuff (mainly work :-), then I quit.  Supposedly I should find my
> good ole console again, huh?  Well, I do, but the screen keeps black.
> I can use the console if I know what to type ('su -', 'root-pwd',
> 'reboot' for instance), but the screen keeps black.  Until after the
> reboot, that is.  I can restart X and it works OK, but from then until
> the reboot, text-mode is off.  Or maybe it's black on black, dunno,
> anyway it's unusable for everyday life.
>   Okay, so I installed gdm, but I'd rather like to get rid of it.  I
> want to be able to log on from the console.
>   Other problem: when I'm not root, I get permission denied errors
> when trying to launch X, e.g
> /---
> | Fatal server error:
> | Cannot open log file "/var/log/XFree86.1.log"
> \---
>   I guess some program or other isn't setuid or something like that.
>   All this with 0phase2v3.
>   Otherwise, everything works.  Great job.
> Roland.
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> Roland Mas
> You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.
>   -- in the tunefs manual page.
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