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Re: [4.0.1-0phase1v11] xlibgl1 shlibs

On Mon, Aug 14, 2000 at 11:47:44AM +0200, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>  just a note for this hypothetical foolish soul: "Replaces" doesn't
>  work.  NVidia's glx module is called "libglx.so" and is a shared
>  "library".  XFree86's glx module is called libglx.a and it's an ar
>  archive.  In the current state, these hypothetical packages should
>  divert xserver-xfree86's libglx.a.  Branden, with this information in
>  mind it's up to you if you want to move the glx module to the xlibgl1
>  package, personally I don't think I would bother.

I shouldn't and won't move it.  Server extensions/modules need to be kept
server-side, not client-side, where they may not do any good.

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