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Re: no libGLU in xlibgl1 and no dri module for tdfx

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 06:35:38PM -0400, Donnie Roberts wrote:
> First, xlibgl1 which is supposed to replace Mesa. However, only libGL is
> provided by xlibgl1. Either xlibgl1 should include libGLU or the Mesa
> packages need to split off libGLU into a separate package.

James Treacy (current Mesa maintainer) and I have agreed on the latter
solution.  libGLU will not be regarded as provided by the "libgl1" virtual

> Secondly, no dri tdfx support is included in the packages. The tdfx
> support depends on glide3 libraries compiled with DRI support.

Yes, which is why I turned it off.  XFree86 goes looking for a file,
g3ext.h, which does not exist in the current glide3 release.  I think it is
in CVS.  Therefore I am not building 3Dfx DRI support until this is
remedied in the Debian packages of glide3.  I've already notified the
maintainer, Joseph Carter, of this.

> I also tried to get dri support to work by copying the tdfx_dri.so and
> libglide3 from the 4.0.1 I had compiled previously. Direct rendering
> worked, but caused the X server to segfault randomly. This is the only
> error message reported, from the kernel after X dies:
> [drm:drm_release] *ERROR* Process 10842 dead, freeing lock for context 1

Well, that's not encouraging.  I've been getting the impression that
DRI/DRM are not thoroughly debugged yet.

> I would like to compile the X packages myself to add tdfx support in the
> meantime. Please let me know what I need to properly build the X packages,
> and where to find anything not already in debian/unstable
> (dpkg-shlibdeps?).

What you want can't be done with the X packages yet.  We're waiting on a
usable libglide3.

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