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Re: Translation of Korean language. 朝鮮語 or 韓國語 ?


2020년 3월 29일 (일) 오후 1:15, "세벌" <sebul@korea.kr>님이 작성:
> Hello.
> https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po4a/index.ja.html
> says
> ko — 朝鮮語
> Is it correct ?

I already answered you about it years ago in the debian-l10n-korean
list. This is Japanese translation and is up to the Japanese

> I think that
> ko — 韓國語
> is  correct.

It's not important what Korean persons think about it. Language names
(and sometimes even country names) do not necessarily represent the
current political state. It's matter of habits and practices.

For those who do not know the name game: North and South Koreas
actually use different official names between them. (While they use
the same "Korea" as the  international name.) South Korea uses
Hanguk(한국,韓國), North Korea uses Joseon(조선,朝鮮). But the North Korean
name Joseon has been used for centuries until the end of WWII in the
whole peninsula, so that name is still being used in Asian countries
to refer Korean area or Korean language, even when the language is
spoken by South Korean people.

> What file must be changed to do this ?

Please do not. Your git access is not given for touching Japanese translation.

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