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Re: Translation of Korean language. 朝鮮語 or 韓國語 ?


"세벌" <sebul@korea.kr> 于 2020年3月29日周日 上午12:15写道:
ko — 朝鮮語

Is it correct ?

I think that
ko — 韓國語
is  correct.

What file must be changed to do this ?

I am not familiar with Japanese; please coordinate with Japanese Debian Developers to ensure the translation is correct. Please do not make changes until you get an ACK from Japanese developers/speakers. Feel free to seek help on Debian's Japanese l10n mailing list.

P.S. As a native Chinese speaker, both usage are understandable but the former (original) one occurs more often. Chinese is different from Japanese, though.

Boyuan Yang

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