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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hi all,

On 07.11.19 20:21, Birger Schacht wrote:
> * one thing that bothers me on a lot (but that hasn't even to do
> directly with the new design, it also occurs on other Debian website)
> are the margins and paddings of the main elements. This is somehow part
> of the design specification thats documentend on
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWebdesign. The #header has a padding on
> the left of 52px to make place for the Debian logo and 10px on the
> right. The main elements below follow these settings by using margins of
> 10 and 52 pixels. I think this makes the whole page look a bit askew,
> because there is now a big gap on the left and a small gap on the right
> of the content. I actually don't get why there even has to be a margin
> at all- I think the website would look a lot cleaner by removing the
> margins alltogether (that would mean making the padding in line 96 of
> debian.css only on the left side and removing the margins of #content in
> debian.css:84 and of #footer in debian.css:516).

Yes, you'll notice immediately if you turn a mobile device into landscape
mode. This looks weird.

> * hover animation: to me the text-transformation when hovering the
> headers feels unsettling. When I move the mouse from one column to the
> other, suddenly the column where I came from moves and pulls my eyes
> back. Also changes in size have sideeffects (not only the already
> reported bug that the horizontal scrollbar appears, but also the
> vertical scrollbar changes the scrollbar size, because the website gains
> height). And its an effect that only works on devices where you can
> hover over elements, which isn't possible on most devices nowadays,
> because they have touchscreens. (I think the website looks really good
> on mobile btw!)
> * hover animation2: when hovering over the icons in the two columns, the
> text on the right of the icons moves. I'm not exactly sure, but I think
> this is because they inherit a grey border from .column and in
> .colum:hover that border gets then removed, which makes the icon element
> a bit smaller and thus changes the position of the text. (I'm actually
> not sure about the .column:hover effects).

Please simply do away with ALL animations.
They suck CPU power and look gross / strange!
I don't think we need such eye-candy without any UX improvements.
Instead underline HTML links (or don't), no animation needed for that, either.

My 2 cents

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