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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hey Carsten!!

On 09/10/19 10:07, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Hello Brain,
> Am 09.10.19 um 21:43 schrieb Brian Potkin:
> > It's pretty obvious what was being referred to: https://www.debian.org/.
> For me it's not.
> Thomas has given three! URLs, not just one.
> >>
> >> Sorry, but your criticism isn't very helpful.
> > 
> > Really?
> Yes, for me such feedback isn't helpful as I don't can see what exact
> the point is you are complaining about. Non specific criticism is always
> not helpful.
> Please have a look again, Richard has written only *one* short sentence!
> > I agree with Richard. With the present home page it is easy to
> > find what you want without clicking all over the place or drilling down.
> > Most of the important things are there at your fingertips. Mailing lists.
> > Downloads. Documentation. All visible. All immediately accessible.
> Really? *sigh*
> Even long time Debian developers can't find quickly the information they
> are looking for on the current landing page! So what will first time
> user think about this?
> Too much links, too much information, no real guidance. Absolutely not
> very welcoming.
> > The proposed page is some sort of adverti for Debian. The large image
> > signals that. The only prominent download link gives the user Xfce.
> I guess you haven't followed previous announcements and information
> about the ongoing website rewriting. There is no and will be no one
> switch to a new shiny website. This is all a longer ongoing process.
> And of course we want to advertise Debian! There is no issue on this,
> I'm happy to be part of this community. And we are not old grumpy
> people, we need to be on time.
> Since we started on the new page and the related CSS I haven't seen not
> one single patch or MR from other people. :)
> So feel invited to come up with a better proposal.

I couldn't agree more!!! I invited all the guys from our local community
to to make a review and if there is any suggestion to get in contact and
propose changes through Salsa.
> We know we can't fit the rewritten pages for every person taste.
> Last comment from my side.
> -- 
> Regards
> Carsten Schoenert

Qobi Ben Nun

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