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Who's using Debian

Hello Debian Community,

My name is Naomi Hodges and I’m a cyber security advisor here at Surfshark Ltd. I know that our IT department infrastructure is running on Debian servers, so I've asked them to comment regarding your technology. Here is what they say:   

"Debian distribution powers almost all of our 1040+ servers around the world. Most of them are physical servers, some of them are virtual. We also use Debian on our AWS setup. We choose Debian because we like its package management approach, stable releases and ease of upgrades. Needless to say, we put extreme value on security. Debian’s package update philosophy ensures a secure, top-notch platform that minimizes bugs."

Naomi Hodges
Cyber security advisor | Surfshark
Address: Vanterpool Plaza, 2nd Floor, Wickhams Cay I, Road Town, Tortola
Website: Surfshark.com

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