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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hello Brain,

Am 09.10.19 um 21:43 schrieb Brian Potkin:

> It's pretty obvious what was being referred to: https://www.debian.org/.

For me it's not.

Thomas has given three! URLs, not just one.

>> Sorry, but your criticism isn't very helpful.
> Really?

Yes, for me such feedback isn't helpful as I don't can see what exact
the point is you are complaining about. Non specific criticism is always
not helpful.

Please have a look again, Richard has written only *one* short sentence!

> I agree with Richard. With the present home page it is easy to
> find what you want without clicking all over the place or drilling down.
> Most of the important things are there at your fingertips. Mailing lists.
> Downloads. Documentation. All visible. All immediately accessible.

Really? *sigh*
Even long time Debian developers can't find quickly the information they
are looking for on the current landing page! So what will first time
user think about this?
Too much links, too much information, no real guidance. Absolutely not
very welcoming.

> The proposed page is some sort of adverti for Debian. The large image
> signals that. The only prominent download link gives the user Xfce.

I guess you haven't followed previous announcements and information
about the ongoing website rewriting. There is no and will be no one
switch to a new shiny website. This is all a longer ongoing process.
And of course we want to advertise Debian! There is no issue on this,
I'm happy to be part of this community. And we are not old grumpy
people, we need to be on time.

Since we started on the new page and the related CSS I haven't seen not
one single patch or MR from other people. :)
So feel invited to come up with a better proposal.

We know we can't fit the rewritten pages for every person taste.

Last comment from my side.

Carsten Schoenert

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