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Re: Request: Using Rubik Webfont from Google Fonts Directory in debian.org

On 17.06.19 09:24, "Yao Wei (魏銘廷)" wrote:

I wouldn't consider having Chinese or Korean support disqualifies the
this as a webfont. Actually, using Chinese web fonts without proper
subsetting can result in large (2MB~) file loading, therefore it is a
In fact we have currently no hard rules on that, but we should have some basic rules and guidelines for our self or additional contributors. I hopefully will keep that in mind for the BoF at DC19.

Most Chinese and Korean websites only apply webfonts for Latin
patters. >
I think styling is a small part that contributes to the quality of
the website. Content is the king, and we should have better content
for the homepage.

I disagree.
The content is nothing without a proper design of the webpage. In recent times it's important to have a decent enough site layout, even for Debian.

Carsten Schoenert

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