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Re: Request: Using Rubik Webfont from Google Fonts Directory in debian.org

Am 16.06.19 um 01:02 schrieb Bagas Sanjaya:
> So we have two options:
>   * Use the font from Google Fonts, but with risks of fingerprinting

This wont ever happen (the usage of external resources this way).

>   * Host the font on debian.org infrastructure, and use it as webfont.
>     This way, when accessing debian.org, they can get consistent
>     typography look across all devices (PC, smartphones, etc) without
>     having to use external resource.

As written earlier, using a own webfont isn't a difficult thing. But you
need to take care of QA if you want to modify environments. If you want
to go down this road you will need to prepare something, do a basic
check of things and come up with an visible outcome ideally. If the last
thing is not possible than please provide a git branch which could be
checked out and build all locally.

> Am 14.06.19 um 06:58 schrieb Paul Wise:>> On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 12:51 PM anon notmyfault64 wrote:
>> One of good font candidates is Rubik.
> This font doesn't appear to have support for all the languages
> supported by the Debian website.

This criteria from Paul is a serious requirement. Have a look at the git
tree of the webwml repository to see which languages are currently used
within the Debian websites on www.d.o


If we want to use a dedicated typeface *all* existing and used languages
need to be supported and functional! This is an k.o. criteria of course.

Note that all I've written above is my opinion and doesn't necessary is
the same POV of other webteam members. I'm open to use a webfont for
providing some symbols which otherwise need to made by a graphics. But
I'm a bit pessimistic if we really need a new font for websites of
Debian. The existing fonts which are included within the browsers in
most cases are really providing enough visible differences between where
we can pick one. And we have more important issues we should work on first.
But please don't hesitate to do some work on the webfont thing if you
want to work on it anyway. Even if you can figure out how to compile a
own webfont would be something useful in the long run.

Carsten Schoenert

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